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  • 2 months ago
  • By Admin

:RedVerifiedCheck: Increased the drop chance of tickets from level 100 / 120 / 130 and 150 metins

:RedVerifiedCheck: Added +25% Strong vs Monsters on "Feather Walk" Ninja skill

:RedVerifiedCheck: Arrows are now infinite

:RedVerifiedCheck: EXP in the level 130+ map has been fixed

:RedVerifiedCheck: Increased the bonus switchers received from level 85+ metins (also from level 120 metins you get even more)

:RedVerifiedCheck: More infos will be added in the next update

:RedVerifiedCheck: Changed the respawn time of Metin Stone in level 130-150 and 150-170 map to 30 seconds

  • 2 months ago
  • By Admin

:RedVerifiedCheck: Character deletion now works (the character needs to be level 99 or lower)

:RedVerifiedCheck: Adjusted the respawn & gold rates in 2nd Cave of Exile

:RedVerifiedCheck: Adjusted Pirate, Shark, Nemere and Razador level limit

:RedVerifiedCheck: Reduced the HP regeneration % for level 150+ metins and increased the HP regeneration time from 8 to 10 seconds

:RedVerifiedCheck: Added AutoChat

:RedVerifiedCheck: Added a new PvP PET - Snow Ruffus (you can get it with JD from ishop.anubis2.eu)

:RedVerifiedCheck: Fixed some DE translations (thanks for helping out) --- if anyone is interested in translating any wrong item names, leave me a message and we will discuss

:RedVerifiedCheck: Added "Agate" to level 120 metins (low drop)

:RedVerifiedCheck: Added "Talsimans Chest" to Shark and Pirate dungeons

:RedVerifiedCheck: Slightly increased the exp received from level 130+ mobs (Lava fields)

:RedVerifiedCheck: Sura & Ninja can now wear the weapons evolved from level 65 Battle Sword